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ONE YEAR MEAL PLAN: Delicious recipes in one convenient place, when you just need dinner ideas, but don't have time to search.

WEEKLY GROCERY LISTS: Finished grocery lists that match up with the meal plan for the week. Add every item on the list to your cart, checkout, and your meals are ready to be assembled for the next week.

101 Chicken Dinner Ideas e-Cookbook: Have chicken but don't know what to make? Here's 101 easy, popular ideas.

101 Beef Dinner Ideas e-Cookbook: Rinse & repeat .. have beef but need ideas? Check out these fantastic options.

101 Casserole Recipes e-Cookbook: Casseroles that are some of the most popular, all in one spot.

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what is included in the meal plan
  • 52 weeks of recipes: That's a full year of meals, so you'll never get bored or run out of ideas.
  • Simple, yet varied recipes: Our recipes use common ingredients and are easy to make, but still offer plenty of variety.
  • Health-conscious options: Our recipes are designed to be healthy and nutritious, and comforting, without sacrificing flavor.
  • Time-saving: Say goodbye to the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping. Our planner makes it easy and convenient.
  • Money-saving: No more wasted food or last-minute takeout orders. Our planner will help you save money and eat better.

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"I love the variety of recipes in this meal planner. It's so nice to have something different every week, but without having to go to a specialty store for ingredients."

- Jessica S. (Sparr, FL)


"I used to dread meal planning, but now it's actually fun. I love trying out new recipes and knowing that I'm eating healthy at the same time."

- Emily G. (Columbus, OH)


"I'm not the most confident cook, but these recipes are so easy to follow. I feel like a pro in the kitchen now!"

- Brian F. (New York, NY)

Buy Now for $17!
Weekly Meal Plan

Our meal planner is the ultimate solution for busy individuals who want to eat well without the hassle.

With 52 weeks of simple yet varied recipes, our planner offers something for everyone.

From classic comfort foods to rich flavors from around the world, our recipes use common ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store.

Gone are the days of relying on takeout or ordering in because you're too tired to cook.

Our meal planner will make mealtime stress-free and enjoyable again.

You'll love the feeling of being organized and prepared, knowing exactly what you're going to cook and when.

Meet Kate.

👋 Hi, my name is Kate Sorensen. I'm a married mom of two kids, ages 11 & 15, and a recipe creator.

With over 500,000 social media followers across Facebook & Pinterest, I find joy in creating new recipes for busy people that are delicious, satisfying and will leave their families happy and stomachs full!

I also know how hard it is to find time to plan meals and how frustrating it can be to try to stick to a meal plan, so I've done most of the heavy lifting here in the one year meal planner.

I hope you enjoy your copy!


Kate in kitchen with computer

If you're like me, you've been here before...

You spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, precious time clicking photos on Facebook only to find complicated recipes with 16 ingredients...

You'll flip through old cookbooks for new dinner ideas, only to end up making the same thing every week.

Maybe you've even tried out a meal plan or two, but you gave up because it was too overwhelming or time consuming.

Plain and simple, for less than the price of one dinner out, The One Year Meal Plan is the answer for anyone who is burned out of finding new dinner ideas and needs a simple solution to return to.

“No expensive meal kits, no wild ingredients, just simple, easy recipes that are already planned for me.

I absolutely LOVE the grocery lists that are organized by the layout of the store. It's even easier to add them to my cart and do grocery pickup!

I use this meal planner and these recipes all the time!”


Unlock the Benefits of the One Year Meal Planner!


Save money.

Unplanned grocery store trips cost an average $46. Even if you only go in for one or two items, it's best to avoid the extra "just need one thing" trips if you can by planning meals ahead.


Save time.

Save precious minutes and hours - Open your planner to any week and you've got a delightful meal plan.


Save sanity.

Adult and kid approved ingredients catering to a wide audience, so you can avoid wasting food.


Save your health.

Just like unplanned grocery trips are costing you money, unplanned meals are costing you empty calories and a lack of portion control. You'll have the meal plan to thank for eating healthier by being ahead of schedule and organized. 

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